The Hamelin Group Inc., founded in 1969 by Robert Hamelin, specializes mainly in the area of plastics. The Group's head office is located in Montreal, Quebec. We have been motivated by a driving desire to succeed throughout the years. The Hamelin Group's shared vision of hard work, decentralized management, and specific goals are at the heart of our success and synonymous with the Hamelin Group's vision. The president of the Hamelin Group, Mr. Robert Hamelin, firmly believes that customers are the company's very "raison d'être".

Furthermore, our employees are the very heart and soul of the company which is why we must ensure their safety,
well-being, and quality of life. Our work is only carried out in perfect harmony with the community and the environment.

Our success lies mainly on our proactive client approach. We develop, understand, and meet our clients' needs. Furthermore, our cutting-edge technology, innovative solutions, and globalization attest to our solid reputation. Environmentally conscious, the Group developed an environmental policy guiding all employees in their daily activities. We developed strategies geared towards recycling, the reduction in energy consumption, and the ever-increasing use of recycled material. Our technology and expertise enabled us to reduce the plastic content while improving product quality.







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